MGS Filter Products has been manufacturing wound cartridges in house for many years. We have the ability to produce custom as well as standard cartridges. In fact, we are known for our custom capabilities. We offer numerous raw material components, as well as size variations too numerous to list in order to suit individual customer requirements. Micron ratings vary from .5 to 250um.

Custom end cap configurations, migration barriers as well as multi-layered construction for special needs and carbon impregnated medias are utilized. There are hundreds of housing designs and installations that we currently manufacture cartridges for.

Large diameters inside and out, special lengths, micron ratings and materials of construction are routine in our modern plant.

All materials used are of the highest quality and indeed, some are used in FDA manufactured products.

Fiberglass is a material used in many applications. MGS uses high quality material that can be either heat purified in our own oven, or fiberglass not requiring heat treating.

All of our end caps are installed by means of thermal bonding, thus providing a natural seal without the use of glues or adhesives.

You will find that an MGS filter cartridge meets the highest quality standards and is a product you can depend on.

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